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What we do

•• Geophysical Exploration by electrical methods such as Vertical Electrical Sounding by DEPLOYING Werner, Schlumberger and Half- Schlumberger Arrays, Dipole-Dipole sounding with Axial Array and Electrical Traversing by Four-electrode and Three-electrode Array, in search of water bearing aquifer zone, exploration of mineral bearing locals, for Archeological findings at depth below the ground level and for determination of different sub-surface starts and its strength required for civil construction and also for determination of voids in the sub-surface.

•• Earth Resistivity Test for finding out Soil Resistivity B.G.L and direction of flow of ground waterby Polar-Diagram.

•• Permeability Test for soil and pumping Test.

•• Soil Testing.

•• Irrigation system for Tea and other plants by exploration and management of ground water or river water or by rain water harvesting.

•• Consultancy and implementation of Drinking water supply system either from ground water source or from river water or by harvesting rain water.

•• Development and yield Test of Tube wells at different dram down.

•• Design, Supply and Installation of I. R. Plant and Pressure Fitter for Drinking Water.

•• Consultancy and Design of Intake Well system.

•• Supply of portable Test Kit to examine the purity and palatability of water and soil & water sample test for N, P, K, Ph and as organic carbon on spot.

•• Supply of Fiber Glass Pipes of any dimension.

If you have a problem and are in a dire need of assistance in any of the above mentioned fields please feel free to call us, we will provide you the solution.