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   Welcome to the Online Portfolio of Prognosis   

About Prognosis
Who we are

An unit with ultimate wisdom engaged in consultancy services in the field of EXPLORATION GEOPHYSICS and redefined to make use of the rudiment of knowledge base with absolute prudence, combined with well appreciated and admirably vast experience mingled with skilled judgment of highest esteem to fetch for a substantially complete solution to the native problems in the realm of Earth Science.

Organisational Details

PROGNOSIS is an organization dealing with all kinds of Geophysical, Geo-hydrological and Geotechnical Investigation for soil and exploration of ground water and minerals, management of ground water and river water and harvesting of rain water for the benefits of mankind, forest and wild life.

Our Team
Geophysicist and Hydrologist

To deal with all the systems, as a professionally managed business organization, PROGNOSIS is having a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable technical personal, Geophysicist and Hydrologist. Each of them is technically skilled person in their respective fields operation headed by an Exploration Geophysicist Shri Premasis Chatterjea, Rtd. Director (Geophysics), Geological Survey of India who have had 40 years of vast experience and adequate knowledge in the fields of Geosciences.